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Nationaler Versand Deutschland

DHL Standart
0.0 kg – 2.0 kg

DHL bis 5Kg
2.0 kg – 5.0 kg

DHL bis 10Kg
5.0 kg – 10.0 kg


10€ - 16€

10€ - 30€

Kostenloser Versand innerhalb Deutschlands ab 150€

Genaue internationale Versandkosten werden bei der Kaufabwicklung berechnet.

Für internationalen Versand können Zölle und Einfuhrsteuern anfallen. Diese sind vom Käufer zu tragen, wir haben darüber keine Kontrolle. Aufgrund von Zollabwicklung kann sich die Lieferzeit verlängern.



5€ - 9€ (Free shipping on orders over 150€)

10€ - 16€

Rest of Europe
10€ - 30€

10€ - 40€


Shipping costs depend on weight and destination.


Exact international shipping rates will be calculated at checkout.

It takes approximately 1-3 Weeks for your order to be delivered, depending on your destination. Some destinations might have longer waiting times.

The delivery time is roughly approximated and can vary from the estimated terms due to customs clearance. We have no control over that, nor do we have influence over customs taxes and fees of your country. Please note that there may be duties charged for import and that this is up to the buyer.

Due to logistic reasons, we have to exclude several countries from shipping. Please check if shipping to your country is available.